Our Story

Matthew Winheld, founder of Sweet & Snarky with wife Elizabeth,

Every day, we all get hundreds of emails, texts, status updates, tweets, etc. But how often do you get something cool in the mail? You know, something other than bills and catalogs? We're willing to bet it's not often enough. And we think that's just wrong.
We are SWEET & SNARKY goods, purveyors of fine snark located in Longmont, Colorado. (Yes, we were priced out of Boulder.)
At SWEET & SNARKY, we do all our own stunts – i.e. we draw all psychotic, anthropomorphized cartoon pillows and mounds of poo ourselves and write all original copy.
Plus, we were the ones who thought of putting the word happy in front of the word birthday - it used to go, "another damn birthday, sorry man/lady". Not as catchy.
Is the work immature? Often. Snarky? Well yeah, that one's in our name. Profane? Ya know, sometimes it just doesn't work without an F*bomb. Intentionally mean spirited? Nope - that's not interesting to us. Our sincere intent is to use humor as a profound expression of love.
After all - as the saying goes, "If you weren't laughing, you'd be crying" (never more true than today).
And once in a while, we just make a straight up sappy, sweet card, hence the name "SWEET & SNARKY".
Thanks for visiting!
Matthew and Elizabeth